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As a registered Chiropodist, Tracy Kyle offers CUSTOM ORTHOTICS
to patients who would benefit by them.

Orthotics are often the answer when it comes to alleviating pain and treating foot dysfunctions. Before prescribing orthotics, Tracy will:
• conduct a thorough examination of the feet
• make impressions of the feet using plaster of paris
• provide a detailed prescription form

Plaster Cast

Following a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis your casts and prescription form are sent to a professional laboratory where a trained technician makes your custom orthotics. Read more about custom orthotics.

Call: 519-663-9832
Sport Orthotic
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of orthotics click here.
1. What are Custom Orthotics?
2. Who needs Custom Orthotics?
3. Are they Custom Made or not?
IMPORTANT: As a private practice, we are not covered by OHIP. However, most extended health care plans, third party insurance companies, veteran's affairs benefits, and workman's compensation cover Chiropody.
No two feet are exactly the same.
             Neither are custom orthotics!